It’s been five years since Jake Ejercito was in a relationship, but the actor is not at all concerned by it, not when he has his daughter Adrianna Gabrielle (called Ellie) to keep him company.

As reported on Inquirer, the actor, who sat down for an interview to announce his new management contract with ABS-CBN recently, revealed that he has chosen to focus more on being a good father to his nine year-old seeing that there is no chance for him to even meet anybody during the pandemic.

“She’s no longer a baby, but she’s not yet a teenager. She is slowly starting to be her own person, to have her own mind. She already knows what she wants. You can’t just dictate to her what to do anymore,” said Ejercito.

Asked if he would be okay with Ellie joining showbiz in the future, the actor said that his daughter has long been exposed to the industry anyway – being also the daughter of actress Andi Eigenmann.

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Jake Ejercito enjoys spending time and goofing with daughter Ellie
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Jake co-parents his daughter with former partner Andi Eigenmann

“They’ve had a lot of magazine shoots already. I say she’s comfortable being in front of the camera. If ever she decides to go into show biz, I’ll be rooting for her 110 percent,” he added.

On the other hand, when asked if he has any qualms working with his aforementioned former girlfriend, Ejercito said that he is fine with it.

“When the opportunity arises, why not? That will most likely be a heavy drama since Andi was tagged as the heiress of drama when she did “Agua Bendita”, right? It would also be a huge honour to work with Ma’am Jaclyn, Cannes best actress, the one and only,” he said, referring to Eigenmann’s actress mother, Jaclyn Jose.

On the other hand, Ejercito revealed that he will be part of the upcoming drama, “Marry Me, Marry You” with Paulo Avelino and Janine Gutierrez. “I already told Ellie that I’ll be away for three weeks. It’s actually exciting for me because from among the cast, I only know Adrian Lindayag. It will be my first time meeting everyone else,” the actor said.

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Ellie is Jake’s daughter with actress Andi Eigenmann

(Photo Source: Jake Ejercito Instagram,  Andi Eigenmann Instagram)