BTS member J-Hope has recently donated a large sum of money to charity on South Korea’s Children’ Day.

As reported on Yonhap News, the news was confirmed by ChildFund Korea, which stated that the rapper donated KRW 100 milion (approx. USD 89,000) to help fund the operations of the newly built One Stop Centre in Tanzania, East Africa.

The facility will be used to offer legal assistance, counselling, and treatment for victims of child abuse.

Regarding the donation, J-Hope’s rep stated, “At present, many people are suffering around the world because of the pandemic. J-Hope wanted to share the warmth with overseas children after helping children in South Korea.”

It is noted that the rapper has donated over KRW 700 million to ChildFund throughout the years. Last year, he donated KRW 100 million to help children affected by the pandemic and made another donation of KRW 150 million on his birthday.

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(Photo Source: J-Hope Instagram)