With acting jobs getting halted due to the rising number of COVID cases in Taiwan, actress Guo Shu-yao (also known as Yao Yao) recently announced that she has recently launched her own clothing brand, Myâme.

In an Instagram post published on 25 May, the actress revealed that she had never dreamed of opening her own clothing brand, seeing that she has never been someone who is known for being fashionable.

“But because fate allowed me to meet a great team, I was determined to take this step. Through the leadership of a professional team, I hope to help friends who are troubled with dressing to solve the problem,” she added. Yao Yao also stated that everyone can wear the clothing from her brand freely without any restrictions, “become what you want in your heart, and explore your limitless self through Myâme.”

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Yao Yao’s brand offers formal and informal wear

In another post, Yao Yao revealed that it was a meeting with a classmate from elementary school that enabled her to start the brand, which consists of formal and informal wear.

(Photo Source: Guo Shu-yao Instagram)