Although there has been many speculations about Gillian Chung’s apparent weight gain – with fellow duo member Charlene Choi blaming it on hormonal imbalance – new reports emerged that there is a more “professional reason” for her to add on the pounds.

As reported on Mingpao, sources recently claimed that the singer has actually accepted an offer to star in a new film, and as part of the agreement, was made to fatten herself for her character.

It was alleged that the new movie will be similar to the Korean film, “200 Pounds Beauty”, and that Gillian has signed a non-disclosure agreement in which she cannot disclose too much about her involvement.

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Sources revealed that Gillian has to put on weight for a film role

When interviewed by the media, the Twins member admitted that she ate at least five meals a day to gain weight, and had suffered stomach cramps and even vomiting.

“Although I usually love to eat, I thought this time it would be justifiable to binge eat. But it turns out to be quite difficult,” she reportedly said.

The singer also added that she had actually hesitated at first about accepting the role, but decided to do so as it was a rare opportunity and that she wanted to challenge herself.

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The singer gained a lot of weight in the past few months while ex-husband Michael Lai has been losing weight since working in mainland China

(Photo Source: Gillian Chung Instagram, HKET, Mingpao, SOHU)