While it seems that Gillian Chung has been gaining more happy weight since her divorce, her ex-husband Michael Lai seemed to have shed more kilos instead.

As reported on Mingpao, netizens were recently surprised to find Michael, who recently posted a new photo of him in Shanghai, looking noticeably thinner – a sheer difference from his previous toned physique he was known for.

He also seemed less cheerful than in his previous photos.

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Michael then and now
Michael was once married to Gillian Chung

In an interview with the Taiwanese media, Michael revealed that he has been struggling with depression since 2019, but that it was only recently that he has started to lose his appetite.

Nonetheless, he stressed that there was no specific cause for his depression – seemingly to deny it having to do with his divorce from Gillian – adding that his loss of appetite could have been due to the fact that he is currently working in mainland China and can’t go back to Taiwan until June.

“I haven’t seen my family and friends for a long time now. It’s easy to lose your mood,” he admitted.

Michael assured that he will be okay, adding that he is currently focusing on his work.

He later took to social media to share a photo of him and his mother on Mother’s Day, and added the hashtag “Don’t worry I’m fine”.

Michael and Gillian were involved in a high-profile divorce last year after the former announced online about the separation, saying that he was told by Gillian that she couldn’t fall in love for him even after their marriage and that he was asked to sign a separation agreement. The divorce came not two years after they tied the knot.

(Photo Source: Michael Lai Instagram, Her World, Apple Daily)