A big celebrity is just a normal person who also gets excited about another big celebrity, as recently shown by Charmaine Sheh, who couldn’t stop gushing about receiving a gift from legendary actress Maggie Cheung.

On 28 May, which is also the actress’ 46th birthday, Charmaine posted a photo of herself with one of the soaps that came in a gift box for her and a birthday note from the movie goddess herself, clearly beaming with joy at receiving them.

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Charmaine is elated over the gifts from her idol

She posted, “Today I turned into a little fan as I received a birthday gift and autographed card from my idol, Maggie Cheung. I am very happy and excited.”

Charmaine also revealed in the many hashtags that the soaps, as well as the candles that also came in another box, are handmade and environmentally friendly.

The note written on the card also read, “Dearest Charmaine, wishing you a very happy birthday! Youth and beauty, happy every day!”

Charmaine has always been a big fan of Maggie

(Photo Source: Charmaine Sheh Instagram, Best China News)