With most of his time cooped up at home during the pandemic, Bobby Au Yeung recently revealed that he has been using his free time to write a movie for the first time.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who appeared at the promotional event of his new drama, “Shadow of Justice”, revealed that a friend has recently asked him to try and become a screenwriter for a major online movie, which he decided to take on after much deliberation.

“I have been passive for more than 30 years. I act out what other people write. But if I participate as a screenwriter, I am more proactive. I believe I can even write a more challenging role for myself,” he said.

Bobby also added that he hopes to try his hands on producing and film editing as well.

Nonetheless, the actor stressed that his new interest does not mean he is retreating to work behind the scenes. “I just want to learn more. I still love acting. It’s just that, people’s mentality changes at a certain age. I have already passed the “if you don’t do it, you don’t get it” stage of my career, and I want to take control,” he added.

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‘Shadow of Justice’ stars TVB powerhouse Bobby Au Yeung and Joe Ma

(Photo Source: SOHU, On CC)