Belinda Hamnett recently admitted that the fall out between her and Frankie Choi really hurt her, despite the assumptions that she was the one who decided to cut ties with the actor.

As reported on Mingpao, the former actress, who left Frankie’s home after two years of living with the actor, stated that the night she told Frankie she was moving out and thanked him for his assistance throughout the years, she received no response from him.

“I thought that it was fine, but then the other party told the media a different version… It really was a good performance. If TVB won’t award him Best Actor, then I will,” she said.

As for the supposed four figure sum that she paid to Frankie every month that he never asked for, Belinda stated that she did so because the actor kept telling others that she lived rent-free.

Belinda Hamnett hurt by loss of friendship, belinda hamnett, celeb asia, theHive.Asia
Belinda is sad that her friendship with Frankie has ended

“I had never taken advantage of others, and after explaining about the amount, he finally admitted publicly that he received HKD 1,000,” she added.

She also revealed that Frankie was unhappy with her last year, after she declined his offer to perform with him on TVB’s long-running music programme, “Cantopop at 50” as she was never good at singing.

Belinda Hamnett hurt by loss of friendship, belinda hamnett, celeb asia, theHive.Asia
Belinda went broke because she spent all her money for her cancer-stricken mother’s medical bills and care

Belinda stressed that she didn’t start living with Frankie because of her financial difficulties, but because she could not live alone and needed company following her mother’s passing. She admitted that she was grateful for his care at the time and is hurt that their 23 years of friendship had to end because of this.

The actress had since gone on social media to announce that she will no longer speak about the matter.

“Life is just a passing moment. I will only be myself and positive to face the future,” she added.

(Photo Source: MingpaoBelinda Hamnett Instagram)