21 years after the release of “Twelve Nights” starring Cecilia Cheung and Eason Chan, it was revealed that director Aubrey Lam is now starting production on another similar project titled, “Twelve Days”.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the director, who has secretly been working on the project for some years, has now cast Stephy Tang and Edward Ma in the new film instead of getting the previous lead actors to return.

“Both actors are closer to the characters’ age in the movie, playing them from age 27 to 37,” she said.

The movie also co-stars Edward Ma

Asked if she is not worried that Stephy will be compared to Cecilia, the director stressed that Stephy has done an outstanding job in the few days of them working together.

As to whether Eason and Cecilia will make a guest appearance in the new movie, Aubrey stated that the two films are different from each other, and that it would not have too many guest stars like the first one.

It is noted that the first movie cost only HKD 4 million to make, and became a big hit when it was first released due to word of mouth. Aside from Cecilia and Eason, the film also featured Stephen Fung, Nicholas Tse, Ronald Cheng, Nicola Cheung, and Candy Lo.

The first movie did well at the box office through word of mouth

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily, Edward Ma Instagram)