After the success of the mainland reality show, “Sisters Who Make Waves”, it was revealed that Mango TV will be producing a male version of the show.

Oh, and Andy Lau will be involved in it.

As reported on Mingpao, a list of celebrity names recently went viral on the internet, supposedly as contestants for the upcoming show to be titled, “Be Boiling”. Among those who were mentioned include 59 year-old Cantopop King Andy Lau – sparking many discussions  among fans and netizens alike.

However, it was later rumoured that Andy will not be a contestant on the show, but instead as one of the producers. Reportedly, he will also be involved in front of the screen, but not as a competitor.

Andy has yet to comment on the said rumour.

On the other hand, other celebrity names that were on the list include two of F4 members; Jerry Yan and Vic Chou, Hong Kong singer Jordan Chan, Taiwanese singer Jimmy Lin, actor Mike He, and Fahrenheit’s Wu Chun. Nonetheless, it is unknown whether the list itself is valid or if the names above will be involved as contestants or in any other capacity.

“Sisters Who Make Waves” is already in its second season following the success of the first one, in which 30 female celebrities over 30 years old compete to debut in a seven-member girl group.

The first season successfully debuted Isabelle Huang, Lisi Danny, Zhang Yuqi, Meng Jia, Yisa Yu, Ning Jing and Regina Wan as the girl group X-SISTER, while the second season saw the participation from many top celebrities including Joey Yung, Rainie Yang, Cecilia Cheung, and Michelle Chen.

(Photo Source: Liberty Times Net)