Alex Lam recently admitted that he was actually hesitant about asking father George Lam to star in his new music video for “No Reason for Love”.

As reported on HK01, the singer, who released his song independently, admitted that a lot of people advised him to cast George in the MV but that he declined for fear of being accused of using the more popular singer for views.

“I don’t want people to think that I invited him to guest star in it because he is my father. But after deliberating about it, I realised that he was the most suitable person to do the job, because the MV [requires an older version of me]. I really can’t find other people more suitable than him.”

George Lam appears in the last eight seconds of the MV as an older version of Alex

Alex stated that he spent a lot of time explaining to his father the concept of the music video, adding that George was willing to do it after listening to the song.

The singer also sang praises for George’s acting skills, saying that he was really moved the first time he saw the singer on screen.

“He was only in it for eight seconds, but the expression in his eyes helped a lot in expressing what the song was all about,” he added.

Alex admitted that he didn’t want to be accused of using his father for fame
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Alex with his dad and singer Kandy

(Photo Source: Alex Lam Instagram, HK01, Mingpao)