Several days after it was revealed that Zheng Shuang received USD 24.6 million for one TV show, it was reported that the actress is now under investigation for tax fraud.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the issue sparked earlier this week, when her former partner Zhang Heng shared screen-shots of alleged text conversations between him, Zheng and her parents in which they discussed the actress’ payment for the drama series, “A Chinese Ghost Story”.

In it, it was revealed that the 29 year-old actress received a salary of the aforementioned amount after spending 77 days on the set – meaning that she received USD 320,000 per day.

However, Zhang stated that Zheng received two different contracts, one which stated that she would receive a smaller amount of fee, while the other stipulated that a higher amount will be applied to the company belonging to the actress’ mother.

This agreement – called a yin yang contract – is similar to what Fan Bingbing previously had and which she was slapped with a hefty fine in 2018 after being found guilty for tax evasion.

On 29 April, Zheng released a statement on her agency’s social media, saying that the tax bureau is already investigating her contracts, taxes, and financial activities – adding that she will be cooperating with the authorities.

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Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng broke up in September 2019

On the other hand, the custody trial between Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng continues in the United States, months after the latter destroyed the actress’ career by alleging that she had abandoned their then-unborn children – conceived through surrogacy – after the two ended their relationship.

(Photo Source: Zheng Shuang Instagram, Sina)