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A year after Show Lo’s career was damaged over allegations made by ex-girlfriend Grace Chow about his multiple sexual affairs including with his management artiste Linda Chien, a new rumour has surfaced saying that the singer has paid the latter a huge sum of money so that she would leave his company.

As reported on Mingpao, Linda, who was one of the few women who netizens speculated to be Show’s secret affair, was the only person who admitted to the relationship and apologised to Grace when the controversy broke. As a result, she lost many of her endorsement deals, which resulted in her long hiatus.

Sources are now saying that Linda has moved back in with her parents in New Taipei City to escape the scrutiny, and has been battling depression brought on by the scandal. She also reportedly declined to make a comeback for the time being as she is currently doing fine after being paid a huge sum by Show’s artist management agency, Creation Entertainment, after terminating her contract due to the scandal.

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Linda Chien is also known as Butterfly Sister as she used to be a children’s programme presenter

It was alleged that Linda was paid NT$ 5 million for her to be let go from Creation. However, reports stated that Linda was able to rake in more than NT$ 10 million annually during her heyday.

When asked about it, Show’s manager dismissed the rumour as false, saying, “It just so happened that the contract expired. There was no termination fee.”

On the other hand, Grace recently denied rumours that she has rekindled her romance with Show by sharing the lyrics to Saweetie’s song, “Best Friend”, writing, “Good morning. My friend said that this song suits me so much. Especially the second verse. Understand?”

The verse in question is, “Got her own money, she don’t need no [man].”

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Show was accused of having multiple affairs while he was still in a relationship with Grace Chow
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Grace Chow: I got my own money, I don’t need no man

(Photo Source: Show Lo Instagram, Grace Chow Instagram, Linda Chien InstagramApple Daily)