After announcing that he will be enlisting in the military next month, SHINee’s member Taemin recently took to V LIVE to communicate with his fans of 13 years.

On the evening of 20 April, the singer, real name Lee Tae-min, launched a 45-minute live broadcast titled, “Thank you all for 13 years”, and stated that he didn’t want to spend the whole month feeling saddened about parting from the fans, but instead shared his thoughts with them in his own words.

He said in the live broadcast that he has been working through fulfilling his dream since the age of 13, and made his debut at the young age of 16. For the past 16 years, he has worked hard in his own way and has experienced many things and gained a lot. His fans’ love makes him grateful, and that for the first time in his life, there will be a long period of time where he would not be performing due to his enlistment.


SHINee regrouped this year and released their repackaged album, ‘Atlantis’ earlier this month

Although it is a bit regrettable, said Taemin, the enlistment will be a review of the first chapter of his life for him.

Thanking his fans for being a part of his career and being there for him through thick and thin, Taemin promised that he will release a solo album in the second week of May, and a farewell online concert, “Beyond LIVE – TAEMIN: N.G.D.A.” on 2 May.

“All I want to say is, I hope you won’t worry about me… I will be back to you around the end of November next year,” he added.

The singer is set to enlist on 31 May, though both him and his agency SM Entertainment made no mention about the location or time so that Taemin could have his privacy.

Taemin to hold an online concert next month

(Photo Source: Taemin Instagram)