Producer and director Shahrulezad Mohameddin couldn’t help but laugh amid heartbreak that his highly-rated drama, “Nur” only aired one episode in Indonesia before it was pulled out due to supposed lack of viewership.

The producer, known to TV viewers as Budak Ijat, recently addressed the controversy surrounding the drama’s lacklustre response, saying that it was the TV station’s loss anyway, as it had bought both seasons of the drama but decided to flip the switch.

Budak Ijat expresses his frustration over the ratings excuse

“I will just be positive during this fasting month. They have a different taste than ours. [They] prefer sinetrons with all the zooming in and zooming out with overwhelming character developments and music scores. Meanwhile, I understand what our Malaysian viewers want, and “Nur” was produced for Malaysian viewers. It’s logical for it to not succeed there,” he wrote.

Budak Ijat also added that what’s important is the message delivered in “Nur”.

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‘Nur’ and ‘Nur 2’ were big hits when it aired in Malaysia

“It is important for the dakwah message in “Nur” to flow through into their dramas even though it’s hard for them to admit the greatness of dramas from Malaysia that they have to ‘kill’ dramas from us on the grounds of ratings. It’s okay. What matters is the message being delivered,” he added.

Aside from “Nur”, the producer is also known for hit dramas like “Sindarela”, “Kerana Cintaku Saerah”, “Adellea Sofea”, and “Takdir Yang Tertulis”.

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‘Takdir Yang Tertulis’ also received great viewership when it aired earlier this year

(Photo Source: Shahrulezad Mohamedin Instagram, Utusan TV, mStar, Kosmo)