Roy Chiu appointed Taipei Film Festival's ambassador, celeb asia, roy chiu, theHive.Asia

Taiwanese actor Roy Chiu has recently been appointed the ambassador of the upcoming 23rd Taipei International Film Festival.

As reported on Epoch Times, in addition to shooting promotional posters and videos for the said festival, Roy will also be presenting at the Taipei Film Awards on 10 July.

Roy’s first experience with the festival came in 2018, after he won the Best Actor award for his movie, “Dear Ex”. Roy recalled watching the movie at the premiere, saying that he was moved by all the subtle feedbacks from the audiences behind him.

“I have a good feeling towards the Taipei Film Festival, so when I received the invitation, I promised that I would participate and that I am honoured to be able to contribute,” he said.

Roy also admitted that he was pressured to do better and better after winning at the said event in 2018, to the extent of getting too strict about his performance.

“But then I realised that the title of Best Actor has nothing to do with the moments of your performance. Only then I slowly gave up the pressure and focus only on acting,” he said.

The 23rd Taipei International Film Festival will be running from 24 June to 10 July 2021.

(Photo Source: Epoch Times)