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Rhian Ramos recently revealed that she had actually been tested positive for COVID-19, though assured all that she is now out of the woods.

The GMA actress shared her health situation on social media on 7 April with a short video sharing how she and her road manager Rach Librado cope with their situation while in quarantine.

In the video, in which Ramos and Librado seemed to spend most of their time with one another, the actress revealed, “It started with a fever. We isolated for a few days but found out we were both positive. Started feeling better day four to six.”

“Together, we focused on getting better and making each other laugh. Some days we’d feel better. Some days we’d feel worse. But we stayed motivated and focused on our health,” Ramos said in the video.

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Rhian Ramos and her road manager Rach Librado are literally out of the woods now

She also shared more about her condition in the caption, writing, “The past few weeks have been harrowing at times, but I’m not really here to scare anyone, just sharing how grateful I am for life, health, love, and friendship. Thank you to everyone who sent us encouragement and help through this experience. It meant the world to us and I’ll always remember how much you’ve blessed us.. (you know who you are)”

“Can I just say though. The light at the end of the tunnel is wonderful. If you or someone you know is still going through the COVID battle, stay motivated my friend. Keep your morale up. When you see your first negative result, you’ll be overcome with relief and that feeling you’ve been dreaming of, where for [five] minutes there’s finally no fear. God bless our countrymen and God bless our health workers.”

(Photo Source: Rhian Ramos Instagram)