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Rainie Yang recently found herself needing to explain about her hygiene, following netizens’ speculations that she rarely takes a bath during the pandemic.

As reported on Singtao, the issue sparked following a recent interaction the Taiwanese singer had with her fans online, in which she jokingly asked if people would still shower if they did not leave the house. The question, however, was misunderstood by some fans to be some sort of confession on Rainie’s part.

The topic was later picked up by the media outlet, causing even her mother to express concern for her.

To prevent her mother from continuously worry about her, Rainie recently posted a message on Instagram Story, writing, “Frankly speaking, I really don’t think I need to tell the public, “Hello, I take a bath every day” because I really do it every day. Is it necessary to explain?”

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Rainie has to clarify the issue as her mother was concern for her being ridiculed

Rainie stated that the reason she asked the previous question was because she is the kind of person who would still take a bath despite not leaving the house, and wanted to know if other people did not do the same.

She also explained that the only reason she decided to clarify the matter was because her mother expressed concern for her after her hygiene became the butt of a joke by some netizens and media alike.

“Okay, stop saying that I am a person who does not take a shower. I feel uncomfortable if I don’t take a shower for a day. Thank you,” she added.

(Photo Source: Rainie Yang Instagram)