Despite the recent changes in TVB and its sister company, Voice Entertainment, nothing has changed much for resident artiste Pakho Chau, who is now revealed to be busier than ever for the rest of 2021.

As reported on On CC, the singer-actor, who enjoyed new-found fame since starring in the hit TVB series, “Wonder Woman” alongside Miriam Yeung in 2019, was revealed to have been cast in two new dramas this year and will also appear in a music show with TVB.

In September this year, Pakho will begin filming “Forensic Heroes V”, which is going to be a continuation of last year’s series. He is also set to play the role of a cold-hearted killer in another suspenseful drama, which will star Venus Wong – the daughter-in-law of TVB’s newly appointed Deputy General Manager of Entertainment Eric Tsang.

On the other hand, the singer is currently a mentor for the latest season of the reality show, “The Voice of Stars”.

Pakho Chau is a busy bee with projects lined up in 2021.

In a previous interview, the singer stated that he has written several new songs this year, but is still uncertain as to whether he should release them during the pandemic.

The singer’s last album was “All About Love”, which was released in 2018.

(Photo Source: Pakho Chau Instagram)