Despite having recovered from COVID-19 only recently, Nikki Valdez revealed that she is back to work, filming her long-running series, “Bagong Umaga”.

Sharing the news on 12 April, Valdez posted a photo of her with the cast and crew of the said series on Instagram, writing, “DAY 102 of 365. THE SHOW MUST GO ON.”

“When I was starting out in showbiz, someone gave a talk (I can’t remember who) about making sure that when we get to work, we are 101% ready. That the only reason why we won’t be able to work is because we are already dead. Meaning? There is absolutely NO EXCUSE to not go to work,” she wrote.

Nikki Valdez with the cast and crew of ‘Bagong Umaga’, always giving their all to give good entertainment

Valdez admitted that she was a bit hesitant to return at first, unsure if she would be able to work without worrying if she would get sick again or if she could give her best effort.

“Beyond grateful for a meeting I attended today because I was reminded of my purpose as an actor. Why ABS-CBN does everything to give good entertainment to so many people going through so much in this crisis. We are at war, thus we, the actors and production people, are soldiers who need to protect ourselves and all the people around us so we could continue to entertain and give a little inspiration to all of you.”

“Please say a prayer for us all who are out there in this battle doing everything to serve through the work that we do,” she added.

Valdez recently shared with the public that she and her husband Luis Garcia were actually tested positive for COVID-19, a revelation that came after they had already survived the condition.

Valdez shared her COVID-19 experience on 11 April, two weeks after she and her husband first caught it
Valdez and husband Luis Garcia are grateful for family and good friends who supported them

(Photo Source: Nikki Valdez Instagram)