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When it comes to COVID-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs), even the most beloved singer like Siti Nurhaliza could raise netizens’ ire.

The singer, who recently gave birth to her second child, was recently criticised by some who cried double standards, after it was revealed that there were other individuals who were given the permission to visit Siti while she was in the hospital.

One netizen wrote, “When my wife gave birth, nobody could come in except for me. But when a celebrity does it, anybody can visit. I am tired of this double standards.”

It is noted that the COVID-19 hospital rules dictates that only the husband can enter the hospital ward when it comes to visiting a mother and baby. However, among those who were spotted visiting the singer recently include her stepchildren, an ustaz, and a photographer.

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Netizens were unhappy to see others not related to the singer being given access to see her

Nonetheless, it is noted that the same strict rules are not exactly imposed by certain private medical centres compared to government hospitals. Sources claimed that those involved in visiting Siti have already had their swab tests to ensure safety.
On the other hand, many of Siti’s fans defended the singer, with some saying that anybody can get their family to come if they have the money to get the VIP treatment in a private hospital. However, others slammed such a notion, saying that it was that kind of thinking that would further enforce such double standards.
Siti herself has not released any statement regarding the controversy, instead sharing a photo of her baby’s hand on social media and assuring that she is doing well following childbirth.
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Siti Nurhaliza delivered her son on 19 April 

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Siti’s stepson shared a photo of the baby on his social media.

(Photo Source: Siti Nurhaliza Instagram, Asyraf Khalid Instagram, Apampink)