Myolie Wu recently announced that she has given birth to her third child, and it is another boy.

On 6 April, the actress posted a photo of her two sons Brendan and Ryan with the newborn, writing, “Yes it’s a boy……AGAIN!! Liam Lee Yik Wang has arrived, thank you for everyone’s blessings!”

Baby Liam with his two brothers

They are now a family of five

Speaking to the media, Myolie said that Liam was actually born before Easter, but that she was too busy to announce the birth beforehand. As for the name Liam, Myolie’s husband Philip Lee revealed on social media that it was also an Irish name just like their two other sons’ names.

“[It] means “resolute protector” and we hope that he lives up to his name for the people he loves,” he wrote.

Asked if she would be trying again for a daughter, the actress revealed instead that she plans to stop having babies altogether.

“There are already three. It takes time to care for, accompany, and teach all of them. The gender does not matter. Health is more important,” she said.

Myolie with sons Brendan and Ryan

(Photo Source: Myolie Wu Instagram)