With the trial for his two driving offences yet to be resolved, rumours are rife that TVB could be reducing Mat Yeung’s appearance in his new series, “Shadow of Justice”.

As reported on On CC, rumours of Mat’s temporary hiatus sparked recently, after his character was nowhere to be seen on the poster of the said drama, which features a huge number of its cast members in their police uniform standing side by side.

In addition, his character was also missing from the promotional trailer airing in Hong Kong, though the overseas preview still showed a few seconds of footage of his scenes.

It is noted that Mat plays the role of a traffic officer in the series, which stars TVB powerhouse Bobby Au Yeung and Joe Ma.

Mat was nowhere to be seen in the star-studded promotional poster
The series star Joe Ma and Bobby Au Yeung

Andy Chan, producer of the show, has yet to respond to the rumours for the time being.

Mat pleaded guilty to careless driving and illegal window tinting after he crashed his car into a road sign back in August last year and was arrested by two policemen after refusing an alcohol test. However, during his trial in last month, Mat decided to reverse his plea, with his defence counsel stating that the actor was misled into thinking he would avoid jail time if he pleaded guilty to the charges.

Mat has also been absent from other events since his case went on trial, with his last social media presence made on 16 March, prior to his court case.

Mat leaving the Eastern Court back in December

(Photo Source: Mat Yeung Instagram, Mingpao
, On CC, South China Morning Post)