Hong Kong singer Mandy Chiang recently confirmed that she and Taiwanese husband of seven years Gonza Chu have now parted ways.

On 21 April, the 38 year-old singer posted on Instagram a photo of her from the back wearing a wedding dress, and shared that she has returned to Hong Kong after years of living in Taiwan to begin living her own life – holding her own photography exhibition, publishing a photo book, going to school, and many more.

“Why choose now to explain? It’s just that it took time to reorganise myself after returning to zero. It takes time to find a new position. Nowadays, I hope to live more calmly…” she added.

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Mandy shares this photo to reveal news of her divorce
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Mandy looks forward to a calm life back in Hong Kong

Mandy also assured that there was no drama when it comes to her divorce from her husband, and that they respect each other’s rights. She also declined to explain the reason, saying that she is happy at this stage of her life.

“We choose to give each other blessings, blessings that we can meet the right people,” she added.

Mandy tied the knot with Gonza back in 2014 after moving to Taiwan to expand her singing career. 

(Photo Source: Mandy Chiang Instagram, Mingpao)