Kenny Kwan recently stated that he would rather not make any comments about the situation befalling his singing partner Steven Cheung, who is currently struggling to pay his debtors following his previous scandal.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer and one half of the singing duo Boy’z, stated that Steven has already responded on issues pertaining to his supposed failure to pay his debts, and that there is no need for him to add another word to the whole issue.

Asked if Steven has paid his debts to him, Kenny said, “I didn’t ask specifically. I have forgotten about it. Let’s just wait for him to settle down and solve his other problems first. I think he needs to learn his own life lessons.”

Steven Cheung is doing his best to clear his debts

As to whether he will help Steven find jobs, Kenny said that the singer has to learn to find his way.

“I face and deal with my problems on my own, and nobody can do it for me. But I do wish his family well,” he added.

It is noted that Steven’s debt problems started in 2019 after he announced his engagement and then marriage to non-showbiz girlfriend and baby mama Au Man Man, surprising many people – especially multiple of other women whom he was involved with and had lent him a large sum of money.

The singer then apologised for his past mistakes and promised to pay his debts with the help from his many showbiz friends, including Kenny himself. Meanwhile, Kenny, who was preparing for Boy’z Hong Kong Coliseum show has had to hold a solo concert instead after their record label decided to suspend Steven for his misdeeds.

Kenny and Steven back in the days

(Photo Source: ULifestyle, Kenny Kwan Instagram, Steven Cheung Instagram)