HIVE2B252852529 1Jennifer Yu recently announced that she is having a baby girl.
The actress, who is currently in the final trimester of her pregnancy, shared the good news on social media on 4 April with a new pregnancy photoshoot, writing, “It’s a GIRL! There are so many smart people out there. It turns out that the belly really is round when you’re pregnant with a daughter.”
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Jennifer with her husband Tim Luk
Jennifer also “congratulated” her husband Tim Luk for being so lucky to now have both his “lover” from the past as well as the love of his present – playing on the notion that a daughter is a man’s “love from the past life”.

The actress confirmed her pregnancy back on Christmas last year, two months after her marriage registration paper was leaked to the public. 

Prior to her marriage to her non-showbiz husband, Jennifer was in a long-term relationship with fellow actor Carlos Chan.

(Photo Source: Jennifer Yu Instagram)