Although she will be reunited with her former rumoured boyfriend Chris Wu, Jade Chou stated that they are professional enough to play a couple in the new Taiwanese drama, “Ren Fu Yu Ai”.

As reported on China Times, the actress, whose return would mark her first in five years since her hiatus to focus on her family life, stated that she is more worried about giving her best performance for her role instead of who would be her co-star.

Asked if her actor husband Blue Lan has any issue of her working with Chris, Jade responded, “The only thing he worries about is if I would bring the character home. He read the script and asked me if I was certain about taking this kind of role and feeling the pressure. I just have to work hard to find balance.”

However, Jade admitted that it was her husband who first told her about the project, and that they decided to cooperate with one another so that she could work without having to worry about their kids.

In the upcoming drama, Jade plays a woman who has been living together with her partner for ten years.

“My character is someone who loves to the extreme, to love someone so hard that the other person cannot breath. The role is very three-dimensional, very challenging, and each scene is very emotional,” she said.

Jade and her co-star Chris Wu

On the other hand, Chris admitted that it was easy for him to work with Jade, adding that unlike with his other co-star Michelle Chen whom he needed to take a tango dance course to cultivate their chemistry, the two of them are already acquainted enough to develop similar rapport.

(Photo Source: Jade Chou Facebook, China Times)