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Hacken Lee has denied rumours that he is migrating to the United Kingdom.

According to Mingpao, rumours are rife that Hacken has been planning for his family to move to the said country, and had even arranged for wife Emily Lo and their two sons to settle there first before he was to follow suit.

Sources also claimed that Hacken chose UK specifically for his love of the country, having had his wedding photos taken at the Old Trafford and the Chatsworth House back in 2006.

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Hacken said that he loves Hong Kong and won’t be leaving

When asked about it recently, the singer dismissed the rumours as false, saying, “Although I love Manchester United very much, I have never planned to immigrate to the UK or other European countries.”

“I love Hong Kong and I am proud of being a Hong Kong citizen. I will continue to work hard and sing more good songs to share with all of you,” he added.

Hacken and his wife had their wedding photoshoot at the Old Trafford
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The couple during a holiday in the UK prior to the pandemic

(Photo Source: Hacken Lee Instagram, SOHU)