It was revealed that former lead singer of Taiwanese band F.I.R, Faye (Chan Wen-ting) has lost her case against former mentor Chen Jianning and former record label HIM International in her lawsuit against them.

As reported on Epoch Times, the issue sparked after Faye, who left the band in 2018, said that she had neither signed one of the performance contracts with HIM, nor did she authorise others to sign on her behalf. For this reason, she sued Chen Jianning and the senior officials of the company for allegedly forging documents.

In response, Chen Jianning counter-charged Faye with false accusations and defamation of character, stating that Faye personally signed the contract and authorised him to handle the contract on her behalf.

After much examination, on 15 April, the Taipei Prefectural Procuratorate determined that the signature on the said document was consistent with Faye’s other signatures, and that some misunderstanding must have occurred in the process of authorising the negotiation of contract between the two parties.

Faye had alleged that her signature was forged but the court has determined otherwise

As for Chen Jianning’s counter-claim against Faye for false accusation and damage to his reputation, the prosecution considered that Chen Jianning had pointed out to Faye’s agent before that the singer always forgets things and that he does not blame her, and thus there would be no prosecution on the case.

(Photo Source: Faye Instagram)