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“Love and Monsters” star Dylan O’Brien suddenly attracted Malaysians’ attention after tweeting in Bahasa Melayu to promote the said movie that is currently streaming on Netflix.

On 18 April, the actor took to Twitter to repost a link about “Love and Monsters” from Netflix Malaysia, which was captioned, “Sebab-sebab untuk menonton Love and Monsters: action gempak, watak-watak seronok, haiwan comel dan [Dylan O’Brien]” (Reasons to watch Love and Monsters: awesome action, exciting characters, cute animals, and Dylan O’Brien”).

O’Brien then surprised many by tweeting, “Wah, semua sebab-sebab yang terbaik. Semua anda mau ada dalam filem ini!” (Wow, The best reasons. Everything you want is in this film.”

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Malaysian fans are elated!

Netizens and fans alike were entertained by the actor’s effort in tweeting in the local language, with one writing, “You really gotta appreciate that you’re using the language of the country that [Love and Monsters] is streaming on Netflix! (Hoping that made sense) I think that’s super sweet of you! Shows you’re really engaged.”

Another also humorously referred to Chris Hemsworth, who previously stunned many with his ability to speak Indonesian, tweeting, “Chris Hemsworth shaking and crying right now.”

On the other hand, others couldn’t help but find humour in the fact that the actor could have Google-translated the sentence, what with the clunky use of some of the words.

Prior to tweeting in Malay, O’Brien also posted in Portuguese in response to Netflix Brazil’s promotional tweet for the movie.

In response to O’Brien, Netflix Malaysia posted, “Dylan! Let’s cuti-cuti Malaysia. We’ll makan angin together.”

Not sure if the actor would understand that, or would misunderstood it as “eating wind” instead!

“Love and Monsters” is currently the number one film in Netflix in 80 countries including Malaysia since it streamed on Netflix on 14 April. The film follows Joel (O’Brien), as he discovers his inner hero in facing unknown dangers to be with the girl of his dreams in a monster-infested world.

The movie co-stars Jessica Henwick, Michael Rooker, and Dan Ewing, and directed by Michael Matthews.

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The movie is currently number one on Netflix since its release on 14 April