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In celebration of their union, celebrity newlyweds Syamel and Ernie Zakri recently released a new duet, titled, “Goodbye Hello”.

The couple announced the good news on the same day of their wedding reception held at the Bayswater, KLCC, revealing that the idea of the song was proposed to them by composers Faizal Tahir and Mike Chan.

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Syamel: You are who I have been waiting for, whom I have prayed for 

“The two of them expressed their intention to collaborate with us, and they said that it could only be us. After hearing the demo, we just fell in love with the pop modern melody,” said Ernie.

The singer added that she and Syamel were also given the chance to co-write the lyrics to complete the said song.

Ernie, who took three days alongside her husband to record the song prior to their marriage – also revealed that “Goodbye Hello” is different than their previous duets like “Aku Cinta” and “Takkan Terlerai” – as the song is suitable for husband and wife, and lovers everywhere for its simple and yet romantic lyrics and melody.

The new song is now available for streaming on music platforms everywhere.

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The couple held their wedding reception on 3 April at the Bayswater, KLCC
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The couple also performed their song at the wedding
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Ernie and Syamel previously announced their marriage on 26 March

(Photo Source: Syamel Instagram)