Former K-pop idol Elkie Chong recently dismissed the notion that she has turned her back on Hong Kong, after choosing to develop her career in mainland China following her departure from CLC.

As reported on Mingpao, the Hong Kong-born singer, who sat down for an interview recently, stated that she felt that the notion that she had abandoned her roots for the sake of money was very strange seeing that she was born and raised in the city.

“The team that I co-founded is based in mainland China, so we decided to develop the mainland market first and will return to Hong Kong if there is any job… I don’t know why others would think [I abandoned Hong Kong],” she said.

As for the issue of Hong Kong versus China, which escalated in 2019 following the anti-extradition protest, Elkie stated that she is always a pacifist who prefers a quiet life.

“I was in Korea during that time, and didn’t know much about the news in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, there was nothing that I could do in Korea. Plus, I was battling mental health issues myself, so I couldn’t even pay attention to anything else,” she said.

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Elkie left CUBE Entertainment and CLC in February this year

However, Elkie stated that she will always be on the side of the police, since her stepfather is a Hong Kong police officer.

“I have a good relationship with him and am always concerned about his work and the situation in Hong Kong. I support him and the Hong Kong police,” she added.

Asked if she is not worried about losing fans by declaring her support, the singer responded, “I believe there will be, but I don’t mind sharing this idea. Everyone has their own ideas, I believe there will always be someone who is the same as me, and everyone will respect each other.”

As for her upcoming projects, Elkie stated that she is currently working on releasing a new song, and hopes to get offers for acting work. 

“I would like to work with Kenneth Ma, maybe playing his sister if given the opportunity,” she said.

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The singer supports the Blue Ribbon side of the HK democracy protest

(Photo Source: Elkie Chong Instagram)