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Rumours are rife that Eason Chan may need to pay Adidas more than RMB 60 million in damages after announcing that he is cutting ties with the brand after ten years.

As reported on NM Plus, the singer recently released a statement via his management My Kan Wonderland, saying that he was resolute against the stigmatisation of China by international brands that also include Adidas, which previously announced that they have taken a stand against the alleged use of forced labour in the production of Xinjiang cotton.

While Eason was not the only celebrity who has called for such a boycott, it was reported that his decision is considered a breach of contract and that he would be paying one of the highest amount of penalty for that particular decision.

However, his mainland fans are elated over this show of patriotism, with many expressing their intention to “protect Eason Chan” on Weibo. Some pointed out that the singer was noble to do so despite the fact that he hasn’t had much work in the past two years and would have needed all the endorsements he could get.

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Eason has impressed his mainland fans with his stance

Moreover, they said, Eason is already considered an “old artiste” that would find it more difficult to find a long-term endorsement like he had with Adidas.

On the other hand, the same cannot be said with some of his Hong Kong fans, who saw Eason’s action as him finally kneeling down to China for profit.

(Photo Source: Touch Music, JUKSY)