Derek Ramsay recently assured that all is well between him and John Lloyd Cruz, despite the fact that he is going to be the future stepfather of the latter’s son.

As reported on Push, the actor, who was asked about the relationship between the two of them, stated that they had a talk when Cruz came to his home in Alabang to fetch son Elias from his former partner and Ramsay’s now-fiancée, Ellen Adarna.

“We have no problem with John Lloyd. He sometimes brings Elias here,” he said, adding that he had approached the actor on one of those occasions.

“He came early. I woke up and saw him outside, so I went out to greet him. He also greeted me. He said congratulations,” said Ramsay.

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Derek Ramsay with fiancée Ellen Adarna and her son Elias

Ramsay also revealed that Adarna was an answered prayer, that she has all the things he had wanted in a partner.

“You know the saying, don’t you, one person completes you… and Ellen effortlessly revives my love for life, my passion for life. I became so serious about my relationships that I forgot to enjoy life and to enjoy the moment. I think more that I have to give everything in a relationship instead of being in one. But with Ellen, it was like we just had fun with each other and that woke me up that this is really the person I want to marry.”

(Photo Source: Ellen Adarna Instagram)