Not one to miss an opportunity to use his resemblance to a popular Korean actor, David Chua recently admitted that he would love to be a part of a Filipino adaptation of Gong Yoo’s hit series, “Goblin” – if there is one in the future.

As reported on Push, the “Love Thy Woman” actor, who spoke about his similarities to Gong, stressed that he was not trying to copy the Korean heartthrob whatsoever, though admitted that he was a big fan.

“I think I’ve watched his series “Goblin” three times. He’s so talented. His facial expressions are so truthful and natural and they’re never the same. He’s versatile and good-looking too. It’s my dream to play a Pinoy adaptation of Goblin. Great story, great acting, so memorable,” he said.

Chua continued, “I am an admirer of the originality of their story plots and the unpredictability of their twists and outcomes. Think “Goblin”, “Train to Busan”, or “Parasite”. Even their romantic movies and series are fresh and memorable. “Crash Landing On You”, “My Sassy Girl” are just a few that viewers have gotten obsessed with. “Goblin” has all the elements of what Pinoy televiewers want is in this storyline, romance, fantasy, good versus evil, a supernatural being in love with an ordinary mortal, ultimate sacrifice in the end, unrequited love.”

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David Chua is a fan of Korean fashion too

The actor also confessed that it was truly a compliment to be identified with such a star, though stressed that he never aspired to be just some copycat. 

“I play roles with as much authenticity as possible. All my roles in the 30-plus TV shows I’ve done with ABS-CBN were hardly copies of anything or anyone. And I’ve won an award for something I believe I portrayed uniquely, and am thankful for the recognition. It tells me I’m on the right track,” he shared.

(Photo Source: David Chua Instagram)