It looks like the previous conflict between Singaporean actor Elvin Ng and Taiwanese actor Patrick Lee has now escalated.

Following Elvin’s previous revelation about being antagonised by his former co-star that he had not named, and Patrick responding by denying that it was him, things took another turn when celebrity host Danny Yeo admitted after much probing that the same Taiwanese actor once shouted at him at an event.

“In all my years of hosting, Patrick Lee is the only celebrity who has yelled at me. It was in the cinema. He shouted at me to get lost in front of everyone,” said Danny.

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Danny Yeo was hosting the event that Patrick attended in Singapore

It is noted that Patrick was in Singapore for the premiere of the movie, “Imperfect” at the time.

“It was awkward and weird,” Danny added. “I wasn’t sure when I had misspoke or if I had said his name wrong. I could only try to smooth things over and continue hosting. I also apologised to the producer and director afterwards.”

Danny’s story had since sparked an online war among netizens, who are now taking sides. Fans in Singapore are expressing support for both Danny and Elvin, while Taiwanese netizens are mostly behind Patrick.

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Elvin previously shared his experience working with an actor who antagonised him, but he did not name that actor

Patrick himself has not released any video or statement regarding the new allegation from Danny, though hours before the news came out, he posted a message on Instagram that read, “I feel like the media and netizens here are kinder and more rational than the media and netizens over there.”

While he did not elaborate on his statement, many assumed that he was talking about the media and netizens in Taiwan and Singapore.

The post had since received various comments from netizens, with one Taiwanese fan expressing support to him, while another – believed to be a Singaporean Instagram user – wrote, “Singapore does not welcome you. Don’t come again.”

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Patrick Lee has not responded to Danny’s allegation

As for Elvin, the actor is seemingly moving on from the issue by posting online, “It doesn’t matter, it just came out in casual chatter; and if it mattered, it wouldn’t have taken a couple of years. Not a thing, just some straight-speaking-say-it-as-it-is picked up by the wind, gained some speed, and then also gone with the wind. Live and let live, there are bigger things.”

(Photo Source: Danny Yeo Instagram, Patrick Lee Instagram, Elvin Ng Instagram)