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A new global streaming service is set to launch soon and it will cater to all of you vintage cult film and TV show lovers.

Swedish home video label and research outfit Klubb Super 8 was recently revealed to have worked with over a dozen leading international distribution partners to launch the SVoD (subscription video-on-demand) platform, Cultpix.

Cultpix is set up as a platform for classic and vintage cult films, with over 400 titles available for the time being. These films encompass horror, science fiction, thrillers, Mondo, shockumentaries, erotica and more genres which often screened as B-features, with titles range from American slasher films, Japanese Kaiju monster movies, and Spanish horror.

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Cultpix is a subscription video-on-demand (SVoD ) platform

While fans of such classics have to find these gems online (sometimes on the dark web) in the past, Cultpix is now offering these films in one place for everybody.

Cultpix co-founder Patrick von Sychowski stated, “There’s been a significant gap in the streaming market for older genre films that don’t conform to the broad mainstream platforms’ profile and also fall short of more narrow arthouse appeal. Our aim is to give fans of cult films a home where they can find their favorite movies, as well as discover a wide variety of other titles from our global catalogue.”

It is currently accessible on an invitation-only basis during the launch phase, for an annual fee of USD$ 49 for unlimited viewing.

Fans of cult classic may be able to watch movies like Bela Lugosi’s “The Ape Man”…
El Topo
…El Topo…
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…or that unconventional Japanese classic horror, “Hausu”