Fans couldn’t help but laugh after Chris Wu (Wu Kang-ren) decided to criticise himself for getting himself admitted to hospital for what he deemed a normal illness.

On 20 April, the Taiwanese actor posted a photo of his hand as he laid in bed in a hospital ward, and wrote, “I have been acting for more than ten years. Every time there is a hospital scene, the name on the patient wristband would be the character’s name. This is the first time that I am wearing one with my name on it.”

Chris revealed that he had an acute tonsil inflammation, and experienced difficulty swallowing, fever, cold, and weakness among other symptoms. After three days of popping antibiotics to no avail, the actor stated that he had to be sent to the emergency ward.

The actor posted this photo to reveal his hospitalisation

“After three months of fitness, my body has grown stronger. But as soon as I had a fever, I became the same weak chicken,” he added.

The actor added in the hashtags that he will take good care of himself and that fans should not worry about him. He then teases himself for being a “weak chicken” again.

(Photo Source: Kang Ren Wu Facebook, Observer)