Carlos Chan recently admitted that he was both nervous and excited to have been a part of the gigantic film project, “All U Need is Love”.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor stars alongside many other big names in the industry in “All U Need is Love.” The film is a collaboration between several film giants including EMP and One Cool Pictures; in response to the concerning state of the film industry that has been deeply impacted by both the previous Hong Kong protests and subsequently, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Carlos explained that he plays the role of a hotel manager whose hotel becomes the place of quarantine for quite a number of characters – all of them played by big names like Tony Leung Ka Fai, Julian Cheung, Eric Tsang and Philip Keung. 

“My role as the manager is the connector to all these separate stories. In other words, I had the chance to work with almost all these seniors whom I respected. It really posed a pressure, especially the speech scene near the end of the movie. The lines were long and if I messed it up, then all these big names would’ve need to wait for me,” he said.

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Carlos was thrilled that he got to work with many seniors from the film industry

Just like everybody else working in the movie, Carlos said that he also did not take any salary, and instead made the movie for the sake of supporting the Hong Kong film industry and assisting film workers affected by the pandemic.

“Completing the shoot was like finishing a mission. I hope that the movie will become a box office success and that the profits could be used to keep helping the film industry,” he added.

“All U Need is Love” will be released on 22 April. 

(Photo Source: Carlos Chan Instagram)