Amid speculations about his sexual orientation, Kris Aquino’s youngest son Bimby recently set the record straight – no pun intended – by admitting that he is as straight as it can be.

The 13 year-old shared as much in a video shared by his actress mother, though stressed that he is not at all concerned that many people think he is gay.

“I just feel like ‘If you think I’m gay, all right dude.’ But you do realise that the gay community in the Philippines is a strong community? And you do realise that I’m 13?” he said with a laugh.

Aquino then reminded her son that he would turn 14 soon, to which Bimby replied, “I’m 14 in a few minutes. It did not go through my mind because I know what I am. I’m straight. I’m straight as [an] arrow.”

When asked a second time, Bimby joked, “I’m as straight as one of our iPads.”

Aquino then stressed that she doesn’t mind whatever struck her son’s fancy, as long as he excels.

“Can you excel at being gay?” Bimby asked jokingly, to which the actress explained that she only wants her son to excel in whatever profession he chose to be.

“I’ll set the record straight. I’m straight. I like women. I don’t like boys,” Bimby reiterated.

He then stated that he has no issue with people thinking that he is gay, as long as they do not say it with malice and being homophobic about it.

Bimby with his awesome mum
Kris Aquino has two sons, Joshua and Bimby

(Photo Source: Kris Aquino Instagram, Newspapers PH)