Bea Alonzo recently confirmed that she is dating Dominic Roque, though would rather not label their relationship status for now.

“Not yet. It’s hard to tell. I get embarrassed telling people, “I’m 33, I am dating,” said the actress in an interview with G3 San Diego for Mega Entertainment, according to Inquirer. “I am not sure if it will materialise into something else or like it would lead to something else, but then, what if I fail again?”

Alonzo confessed that she doesn’t want to keep failing in her relationships in front of the public, though she stressed that Roque is a really good guy.

“I am very careful when it comes to falling so deep again and trusting anybody, but I would like to say that I am open to being happy whether it’s romantically or in that aspect, romance or work. I am very open as you can see. I am opening so many doors so I am open to a lot of possibilities,” she said.

Bea Alonzo and her new ‘love interest’ Dominic Roque
Fans have been speculating about Dominic Roque’s relationship with Bea Alonzo since last year

The actress added that she will definitely talk more about her love life if she is more certain of her relationship with Roque, but that she is still being careful about protecting her heart.

Rumours of romance between the two stars sparked last year, after Roque expressed his admiration for the actress. The two were also photographed in similar settings for the past few months, though Alonzo kept mum about the real score.

Prior to Roque, the actress was dating ex-boyfriend Gerald Anderson – but that relationship led to a messy breakup.

Anderson is currently dating actress Julia Barretto.

(Photo Source: Bea Alonzo Instagram, Dominic Roque Instagram