Anita Yuen recently opened up about her motherhood journey, admitting that she had made efforts to get pregnant for the second time, but to no avail.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who has a 14 year-old son with husband Julian Cheung, shared her experience on the new TVB show, “Mama’s Day”, saying that she had tried to conceive another child for a few years after Morton was born.

“I wanted Morton to have a younger brother or sister, and I planned on waiting for two to three years before trying again. But I forgot that I was 35 when I had him. My husband and I tried our best, and we even tried in-vitro fertilisation. But all I got was a “sorry” from the doctor,” she said.

Anita Yuen and Julian Cheung have a son named Morton

Anita said that after several tries, she decided to stop doing it, saying that getting the injections and planting the embryos were both mentally and physically stressful on her.

“Whether or not I can have another child is already fated. It’s just that the waiting process was uncomfortable and I couldn’t let myself have that kind of emotions,” she added.

The couple had wanted to give Morton a sibling

(Photo Source: Anita Yuen Instagram)