Angel Locsin has recently taken to social media to speak out against the growing cases of anti-Asian violence, especially following the recent attack on a senior Filipino woman in New York.

On 2 April, the actress shared a photo of her wearing a face mask with the words “HATE is a VIRUS” written across it, and wrote, “To my fellow Filipinos and to everyone of Asian descent who are experiencing cowardly attacks and racial slurs, I may not be the one experiencing this, but I stand with you.”

“Anti-Asian racism or any acts of hate against a human being is like a virus that can easily spread anywhere if not stopped. So, no matter how frightening, stand and speak up against this pointless hatred—instead of shrugging it off—because this will not go away on its own. Let’s help each other,” she added.

Locsin also reminded all her fellow Filipinos living abroad to be careful and stay safe, and to look out for each other.

“Fighting hate with hate and violence will never stop this vicious cycle,” she added.

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Angel Locsin cautions all Filipinos living abroad to stay safe

On 30 March, a 65 year-old Filipino woman was assaulted by a man while walking down a street near Times Square, with the latter kicking her on the head and yelling, “You don’t belong here.”

To make matters worse was the fact that three men watched the scene unfolding from the lobby of a nearby luxury apartment building and did nothing, with one of them even closing the front door to the building as the woman struggled to stand up.

The perpetrator, one Brandon Elliot, has been charged by the police.

The attack came two weeks after the seemingly targeted mass shooting in a spa in Atlanta, Georgia that left six Asian women dead. It is noted that there has been an increase in hate crimes against Asians since the start of the pandemic – with most victims being the elderly.

(Photo Source: Angel Locsin)