Although he has been taking more and more heavy roles in recent years, Aaron Kwok recently stated that he is not saying no to returning to comedy in the future.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who sat down for an interview to promote his new movie, “Home Sweet Home”, stated that he will continue to try a variety of genres in his performance as an actor, but that it all depends on the kind of projects that would come his way.

“In recent years, very few directors are making comedy movies. I myself haven’t made comedies in nearly ten years,” he said. “There is no ‘idol baggage’ nowadays. I can be funny, especially when trying to cheer my daughters up.”

As for his tendency to take on darker roles in recent years, Aaron stated that the hardest character to leave was the one he portrayed in the 2009 Roy Chow movie, “Murderer”.

“Every time I was interviewed, I would be reminded that I was the murderer. The nightmare never ended, and I kept having these dreams that I have killed someone. After the promotion ended, I put my energy into other interests and slowly withdrew from the character,” he said.

Asked if he experienced similar situation with his character in “Home Sweet Home”, Aaron stated that it is much easier to leave it now that he has his two girls.

“As soon as I saw them at home, I would be automatically detached from my character,” he added.

(Photo Source: ST Headline)