It seems that Jay Chou can’t get enough of glamping.

The singer recently shared a couple of photos on Instagram of him enjoying another camping activity with friends including Jimmy Lin, Prince Chiu, and Awayne Liu – the latter who previously joined Jay on his previous trip of similar fashion. 

Prince, who apparently was elated for the experience, having never done it before, also shared several other photos of their time together, writing, “Thank you, [Jay]… beautiful and intimate arrangements always for the sake of everyone so that everybody has a fun trip.”

It was just last month that Jay had a glamping activity with a bunch of friends including Awayne Liu and 5566’s Zax Wang – and shared photos of him and his son Jaylen Romeo walking in the shallow river, and having drinks while enjoying nature.

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The singer previously went on a glamping trip with family and friends

Jay with son Jaylen Romeo
Prince Chiu also shared several photos from the activity
While fans really enjoyed looking at these photos of Jay having a great time, many did leave a comment about the singer’s lack of a new album.

One wrote teasingly, “The new album will be called Glamping”, while another encouraged, “Just have fun, and the album will come slowly.”

It is noted that the singer’s last album, “Jay Chou’s Bedtime Stories” was released nearly five years ago. Jay had since been busy performing at his world tour, producing a movie, and just having a good time all around.

(Photo Source: Jay Chou Instagram, Prince Chiu Instagram)