Zheng Shuang's face digitally replaced in new drama, celeb asia, zheng shuang, theHive.Asia

Amid the surrogacy scandal that had befallen Chinese actress Zheng Shuang, it was reported that the production company of her new drama has decided to replace her. Digitally, that is.

As reported on HK01, the actress, who has filmed the drama, “A Chinese Ghost Story” and played the lead prior to the controversy surrounding her custody issue with ex-partner Zhang Heng, will have her face digitally replaced with that of fellow actress Peng Xiaoran.

While it seemed like an unkind thing to do, it is noted that the move might have been made so that the series can be approved for release, seeing that China’s Censorship Board has previously added more to its regulations concerning actors that break rules, including “endangering social morality and harming cultural traditions” as well as “creating situations which negatively affect ethics, morals, social order and customs” – which could be associated with Zheng’s case.

Prior to “A Chinese Ghost Story”, it was revealed that Zhang’s face was also blurred out in a scene in “Go Go Squid 2: Dt. Appledog’s Time”, where her character in “Love O2O” was shown briefly on television.

No details have been released as to whether the drama’s investors would be suing the actress in the near future. It is noted that she still has two dramas that have not aired, including the Lee Jong-suk starrer, “Jade Lovers”.

On the other hand, Zheng herself is currently in Denver to fight for child custody of her two kids Lucas and Luna. Zheng made headlines last January when ex-partner Zhang Heng accused her of abandoning their two children born through surrogacy, causing her to lose various endorsements and filming projects.

Zheng Shuang's face digitally replaced in new drama, celeb asia, zheng shuang, theHive.Asia
The actress was the ambassador for Prada for only nine days before being fired

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