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Although there have been more negative reviews than good ones for her first ever TV series, “The Rebel Princess” (alternate title “Monarch Industry”), Zhang Ziyi stated that she will not refrain herself from reading all the comments about her performance on the show.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress, who appeared on the variety show “Trump Card” recently, said as much when asked by one of the hosts, stating that she has been an actress for decades and has experienced a lot of things.

“I am very accepting of criticisms. This is just a natural part of being an actress,” she said.

Zhang added that it was natural for a movie actress to receive scrutiny if they were to make their TV debut or return to television after a long time. Other movie actresses also received a lot of attention for doing so, including Zhou Xun, who starred in “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace”, and Tang Wei in “Ming Dynasty”.

When the host asked if she has seen any comments that she deemed unacceptable, Zhang said, “Of course, those that were written maliciously can never be tolerated.”

Zhang did admit that she felt a little frustrated that the drama has received low scores on Douban, believing that not a lot of people have seen it.

“Maybe in the long run it will be watched again,” she hopefully added.

Last month, some netizens slammed the actress after finding out that she had worn a pair of sneakers underneath her period costume, saying that it was against the “spirit of dedication” Zhang always preached to other actors.

The production had since came forward to explain saying that there was no issue with the sneakers as they were only shooting Zhang’s upper body at the time.

(Photo Source: Nanmuxuan)