Actor Zed Zaidi recently denied ever having suggested that the Malaysian Football League should be postponed “to give way to Karnival Jom Heboh”.

On 2 March, the actor and the Malaysian Artistes Association (Seniman) president Zed Zaidi,  whose real name is Rozaidi Abdul Jamil, shared a screenshot of a fake news bearing such title that has been circulating online using the logo of another prominent media company, saying that he was trolled by people on the internet.

“This isn’t me. There is no such interview with [Harian Metro] about this,” he expressed.

Zed Zaidi shares screenshot of the said fake news
Zed, who also shared several screenshots of insulting comments under the fake report, stated that he has also forgiven those who joked about him after being duped into believing the said report, though he couldn’t help but remind everybody that there is already a case of another media portal being sued RM500,000 over comments left by their readers.
“[All I’m saying is], those [netizens] should tread carefully. Just an advice,” he added.
This is not the first time that the SENIMAN president became a victim of trolling. Back in October last year, he shared a screenshot of another fake news using the same media logo that funnily read, “Zed Zaidi is upset over two-week [Conditional Movement Control Order] in Selangor, better to have it for 14 days”.
Zed Zaidi: This is quite creative and as if I don’t know that 2 weeks is 14 days

(Photo Source: Zed Zaidi Instagram)