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Tin Kai Man recently announced that he will be organising and managing the memorial service for comedy legend Ng Man Tat, who recently passed away while in treatment for liver cancer.

As reported on Mingpao, Tin, who has been the one to share news about his “Shaolin Soccer” co-star since the latter was hospitalised up to his sudden passing, stated that Ng’s family did not actually want to hold one and wanted a low-key service for him.

“I explained to them that if the family doesn’t want to do it, we in the industry will. I finally got their consent and will handle it from now on. I will take some time to do it. We’re hoping to do a good job,” he said.

At the same time, Tin expressed hope that the media will not publish fake news about Ng and his family, including one supposedly about his family contending for inheritance due to Ng’s supposed failure to write a will.

“Brother Tat has made a will after his serious illness in 2014. He has no financial problems. It was also reported that he has millions of dollars, which is false too. I don’t want to say how much he has. In short, his children haven’t done anything about the inheritance. Do not make a thing out of it,” he said.

(Photo Source: HK01)