Gary Tong, keyboardist and member of Hong Kong’s legendary band Tai Chi, has recently passed away.

As reported on Singtao Daily, the news was confirmed by fellow member Joey Tang, stating that he felt heartbroken over the sudden passing and that everybody was still trying to understand what had happened following news that Gary was pronounced dead after being found unconscious at home.

“But I don’t think Gary would want everybody to be so sad. He was always an optimistic person. I will share more news if there’s any,” he said.

Joey also stated that the late musician’s wife is still devastated by the news, and that all matters pertaining to his funeral will be arranged by her and the family.

“Tai Chi members will fully cooperate with the family,” he said.

Gary Tong had worked as a music producer with many prominent Hong Kong performers in the past

On the other hand, Jones Lee, a cousin of the late musician, stated that the cause of death “should be a heart attack”, though stressed that Gary had already quit smoking and had been living a healthy life in recent years.

Although Gary had been a part of Tai Chi for more than 30 years, the keyboardist was also known as a music producer who had worked with some of the most prominent performers in Hong Kong, including the late Leslie Cheung.

He was 57.

(Photo Source: Tai Chi Band Facebook, SOHU)